Warriors & Weather

Karl Zahn

“The lighting pieces are much more sculptural than functional lighting. But ultimately this is a continuation of playing with color fields and shapes as three dimensional drawings.

“The white crumbled texture is designed to highlight the very crisp and sharp lighting coming from the focused MR bulb above. As a result you get a contrast of textures and shadows on something that seems quite thin and fragile but actually holds quite a large amount of ever changing volume. The pieces were designed to be conversation starters and larger commission work for specific locations is very welcome.

“The warriors are something that I have been tinkering with for a few years. It is also a continuation of the kinetic sculptures that I have been making. But these versions are definitely on a different level as the materials are polished and the execution is much cleaner. And the combination of parts and ideas is growing in its complexity. I see these as individual manifestations of my own emotional states and psyche. In this installation they are visually competing with the color fields looming above as though they are fighting with clouds or waiting patiently while standing in the sun and rain. They are always armed and ready for anything, and each has their own skill and ability just waiting to be called to action. ”

—Karl Zahn
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