Hans Van de Bovenkamp

At E.R. Butler & Co.

E.R. Butler & Co. is pleased to debut a series of limited edition small sculptures and a new jewelry line by Hans Van de Bovenkamp.

Renowned for his monumental abstract sculpture, Van de Bovenkamp has been described as an artist-mystic, whose work — with its signature power, lyricism, and grand proportions — heightens the viewer’s sense of imagination and discovery.

Hans is a Dutchman who immigrated to Canada in his youth, later studying at the University of Michigan. In the 1960s in New York he joined the avant-garde 10th Street art scene, becoming an adherent of Abstract Expressionism. After decades working in New York and New Paltz, he moved his studio to the Hamptons in 1990, where he created his own sculpture park. Over the past 50 years, Hans has earned an international reputation for his hundreds of unique commissioned sculptures and fountains, creating iconic landmarks which embody the spirit of their environment. His work can be seen in public, corporate, and private collections around the world.

“For me, making sculpture is both a spiritual and an artistic act. The studio is my playground, my laboratory, my sanctuary, where I practice and experiment with sculptural ideas. When I am working I am truly living in the present moment: focused and aware of choices as I make them, functioning in an elevated state between the conscious and the subconscious. Over time, I have been fortunate to gather together enough skill and vision to realize my ideas as they have come into my heart. Art for me is a way of life, not just a passion.”

– Hans Van de Bovenkamp

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