Rebuild Penn Station

Spearheaded by Atelier & Co. and The National Civic Art Society, the Rebuild Penn Station proposal aims to bring attention to the feasibility of restoring the New York's most intensely used urban train station to its original architectural and cultural mastery.

What is currently called Penn Station in New York City is a congested, unattractive labyrinthian structure that leaves commuters fighting to survive their experience of travel. Though the New York State and City governments are aware of the need for addressing the condition of this incredible economic and cultural landmark, the new building recently proposed lacks the quintessential human element, beauty as well as architectural coherence and that directness and clarity which public buildings demand.

With hundreds of original drawings still intact at the New York Historical Society, rebuilding Penn Station to its original grandeur would be both economically and technically feasible, as we would be recovering an already proven design to its public and human qualities.

The goals of Rebuild Penn Station are broken down into three steps:

  • Reconstitute the Grand Public Spaces
  • Create a modern, high-tech hub connecting two subway lines and two major commuter rail systems
  • Redevelop the area in and around Penn Station to create a world class urban destination

For more information on the Rebuild Penn Station proposal, please contact Atelier & Co.

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