The American Olive Knuckle Hinge
The American Hexagonal Olive Knuckle Hinge
American Olive Knuckle Cabinet Hinge
American Hexagonal Olive Knuckle Cabinet Hinge

The American Olive Knuckle Hinge

U.S. Patent No. 5,930,868

The American Olive Knuckle Hinge is a Paumelle-type hinge with an oval-shaped knuckle. Olive Knuckle hinges have been manufactured for over two hundred years without much change in design. Conventional Olive Knuckle hinges rely on a pivot shaft inserted into a bore in a knuckle with a bearing ring between knuckles. Because the weight of the door is not in line with the pivot, the bores and the bearing ring wear quickly and unevenly. This uneven wear causes a loose fit and prevents smooth and easy movement, and over time may cause the door to bind. As a result, Olive Knuckle hinges of conventional design are best suited for little used, light-weight doors.

In contrast, our design features a patented triple bearing assembly: the pivot shaft is supported by ball bearings in the bores and shaft bearings along its length. This system reduces friction and wear, increases load capacity, and removes the primary load from the bearing ring, which may become decorative. Our standard hinges provide for 1 38 through 2 14 inch thick doors, and cabinet hinges for 34 through 1 12 inch thick doors. Olive Knuckle hinges are available in all standard, custom plated and patinated finishes with a wide variey of decorative trim rings.