E. Robinson & Co.

Selected Historical Documents

Enoch Robinson Store
Enoch Robinson Co. Invoice
Enoch Robinson Store
Polished Brass Furniture Trimmings
Catalogue, 1888
Artistic Hardware
American Architect & Building News, 1889
Enoch Robinson Co. Envelope
Robinson Round House
Stereoscope, ca. 1900
Enoch Robinson Co. Invoice
Robinson Round House, Somerville, Mass.
Postcard, 1915
Old-Time New England
Enoch Robinson Letterhead
With Drawer Pull Design
Whitney and Others v. Emmett and Others
Ferrule-Knob for Doors
Patent No. 65, 1836
Door, Commode, &c., Knob
Patent No. 98, 1836
Method of Attaching Glass Knobs to Metallic Sockets
Patent No. 434, 1837
Spring-Bolt for Doors and Other Locks
Patent No. 1626, 1840
Patent No. 2248, 1841
Latch of Door and Other Locks
Patent No. 1995, 1841
Windlass or Drum for Raising Weights
Patent No. 2473, 1842
G.W. Robinson: Spring-Fastener for Window-Sashes
Patent No. 2452, 1842
Improvement in the Method of Attaching Door-Knobs to Their Spindles
Patent No. 2904, 1843
Improved Machine for Bending Wood
Patent No. 33467, 1861
Manufacture of Steel Scoops
Patent No. 234892, 1880
Colonial Door Trimmings
Drawing by L.S. Hall
French Window Weather-Strip & Bolt
Drawing by L.S. Hall
Bugbee & Robinson, Improved Lock and Key
Patent No. 8060, 1851
Francis Robinson, Improvement in Latches for Doors
Patent No. 161705, 1875
Francis D. Robinson, Latches for Doors
Patent No. 161705 Reissue 8008, 1877