Silke Spitzer


The Treehouse and The Dream

It is the third floor of an old Berlin factory building.

In summer, all I see are the big leaves of the sky-high chestnut tree that must be old. Grown big and strong.

In winter, the naked twigs pencil a fine black and white drawing into the sky.

It is perfect – It is a dream.

In this dream I work.

Here I filter the information, emotions and hopes I have into a wearable, movable, three-dimensional essence.

An essence to create some new space, a beautiful shape and a stimulating layer for our minds to go beyond and travel.

Travel to find the power of diversity, the sweet touch of nature and beauty, and the clear strenght of respect.

Travel and carry the big hope for a safe and steady home for you and me.

– Silke Spitzer


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